High School Wrestling season starts in 8 DAYS!!!

For Jr. High/Youth and even Little Riverhawks parents:

We are looking for volunteers to help this coming season. First being a contact for the following schools: Ridgeline HS, Spring Creek MS, South Cache MS, Nibley ES, Heritage ES, Millville ES, Providence ES, and River Heights ES which includes putting up/taking down a road sign and taking fliers to place at the front office. It would be recommended to reach out to the PE teachers to ask if they will place fliers with those who they would recommend. The sign and fliers will be picked up at my house. I have 1 extra road sign if we want to include one more school. Also, looking for volunteers to coach (includes covering cost of coaching card which gets you on the floor when needed, apparel, and appreciation. Other team parent volunteers may include help with registration, photos, stats and records, and clothing orders. Please let the Jr. High coach know Josh 435-720-1799 

High School



Wednesday Nov.13


Ridgeline Lecture Hall

2019-20 High School Schedule

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Find us: 

180 North West, Millville, UT 84326 

Jr. High:  Mon and Wed 5:30-7:00 

Little Riverhawks: Tues and Thurs. 5-6:30