Quality wrestling shoes can be purchased online or at nearby sports stores for about $50.


Singlets are also needed and can be purchased through the coach.  If you are in Jr. High you can rent a singlet from your coach for a small fee, but needs to be returned at the end of the season.  

Freestyle does require a reversible red/blue singlet.  If you do not have a reversible you can wear a red or blue singlet but may need to change out between matches.

Click HERE to register for upcoming tournaments.  

Scroll down until you see a list of tournaments in Utah.  

Click on the tournament you want to register for and follow the instructions. 

A USA card is required in order to participate in any tournament that is run by USA Wrestling Utah. This includes all spring tournaments for freestyle, greco and folkstyle. 

The card also provides you with secondary insurance, in the event of an injury.


What gear do I need? 

How do I register for a tournament? 

Why do I need a USA card?

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